Joint-Correction Atrophy-Prevention Circulation E-Stimulation
The purpose of this site is to first and formost give parents a lightspeed headstart into understanding Amyoplasia. My goal as a father of a child diagnosed with amyoplasia is to offer a parent’s insight into a method that summarizes all of the collected research and wisdom into a single location so you as parents can get through the darkness of the unknown and begin to maximize the recovery of your child.

Amyoplasia by definition is the most commonly diagnosed subgroup of Arthrogryposis. Arms are usually stuck in extention with shoulders internally rotated and usually accompanied by bilateral clubfoot. Doctors are still unsure what causes this condition but it is well documented that the condition is neuromuscular in nature. The JACE Method™ is a treatment approach based on extensive research and empirical evidence designed to enhance neuromuscular function and promote active limb movement in children with amyoplasia. The JACE Method™ was developed by Jason Coutee, whose son Jace was born with Amyoplasia on June 18th 2011. To date, no other therapy protocol incorporates electrical stimulation with soft tissue mobilization for restoration of limb function in children with amyoplasia.

Doctor Van Bosse below from Shriners in Philly explaining AMC. Margaret Chaidez Documentarian


Doctors to contact immediately:

  • Ponseti Method- (club foot) specialist for clubfoot correction. & Ponseti International will have great information about the ponseti method and the boot and bar.
  • Neurologist – A complete neurological evalution is a good idea including MRI of brain and spinal chord.
  • Shriners Hospital – X-Rays of the affected joints (elbows, feet and other contracted areas) they also usually have orthopedics that practice the ponseti method.
  • Brachial Plexus Center – Find a center near you that specializes in the neurological pathways from the spinal chord down the arm and into the fingertips.


Below is an overview of The JACE Method™ please see the additional pages in the Site menu for instructional videos on how to apply this method into your childs daily therapy.

How to follow The JACE Method™ at home:


  • Posture of Joints (clubfoot correction, Arm/Hand/Knee splinting and casting)
  • Passive range of motion focus – ability to assist the hand to the mouth by leaning on an object such as a table or highchair top
  • Stretch until the joint will not bend any futher and hold, DO NOT BOUNCE or PULSE the muscle as this can tear tissue and cause damage. Pay attention to your childs feedback.
  • Do not rely on public PT and OT services alone. Your child needs this daily.
  • Early Steps or any PT or OT assistance programs
  • Focus on Muscle Strength as Active ROM will maintain increased flexability


  • While correcting clubfoot the child will undergo a series of castings. It has been well documented that casting for prolonged periods of time causes muscle atrophy. Combat this with E-Stim and Massage between each session.
  • Amyoplasia presents with very little muscle in the upper extremity usually resulting in an imbalance that leaves the triceps overpowering the biceps. If artificial strength gain by stimulation is not applied very early in the childs development; what little muscle fibers are present will eventually slip into atrophy due to the lack of “Base Strength” needed to combat gravity and the opposing muscle group.
  • Remove any splints twice a day to stretch and promote movement.
  • Purchase a Tens/E-Stim/Muscle Stimulator and perform a 30 minute session twice a day, every other day.


  • Warm Soaks
  • TENS/ Muscle Stimulaton has been proven to increase circulation
  • Cirulation is vital to the health of your childs extremities take caution at the length of splinting and try to only splint at night whenever possible. Set your alarm for a few wakups during the night to let blood flow to the area, massage the area for a few minutes before reapplying the splint.
  • Deep massage daily (Strong muscle rolling massage)

Electrical Stimulation:

  • Stimulate, Stimulate, Stimulate – As early as possible and as often as you can every other day.
  • TENS/ Muscle Stimulaton has been proven to increase circulation
  • Has been used on stroke patients in the orthepedic field for nearly a decade
  • Will build any muscle fibers the child currently has and promote new muscle growth.
  • Combined with Deep Muscle Massage (Slight Muscle Bruising) E-Stim will trigger your childs Stem Cells to begin the repairing process.
  • No documented negative side effects.
  • Educate yourself on the different types of electrical stimulation, get to understand the benifits and applications of each and apply appropriately.
  • The medicial community is only beginning to understand the benifits of applying Electrical Simulation to children with amyoplasia; yet Jace is living Proof!