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babyjaceJace Matthew Coutee was born June 18th 2011. He was diagnosed with bilateral clubfoot through 4D imaging during the 2nd trimester. After arriving it was apparent something was also going on with his upper extremities as both arms presented stuck in extension with shoulders internally rotated, wrist flexed, and thumb in palm deformity. Jace began cloobfoot treatment casting at 5 days old under Dr. Gates at Shriners Hopsital for children in Shreveport LA. He underwent 11 total casting sessions including the final casting following the tedon release on the Achilles. During this time Jace had little to no movement in his arms and the only therapy applied to the uppers until 6 ???????????months old was passive range of motion stretching and splinting to improve wrist and thumb posture. We saw very little active motion gains during this time and as a father I could not accept the notion that this was all that could be done for this condition. I began to consult with many doctors and physical therapist and spent countless hours online researching.  I began to study every therapy option available to restore and promote active ROM in other types of trauma, conditions and rehabilitation. We began electrical muscle stimulation on the last week of his 6th month. Jace gained active shoulder ROM after 3 months of electrical stimulation. He began to crawl and bear weight on his arms. At ??????????this time we still saw very little gains in bicep function. It would not be until 6 months later (1 year and 3 months) that we would see Jace put his binky in his own mouth with active elbow flex with his left arm for the first time. I recorded 2 songs which served as an emotional release to help get through the psychological weight carried by stretching and massaging him aggressively while he cried himself into exhaustion on a daily. Songs can be viewed below. Today however…. Jace’s arms have gained mass and are becoming increasingly active and stronger with each passing day. The JACE Method™ is our gift to the AMC Community. A dream that liftingcup_smallour experience will become more than a story of how Jace benefited but also a detailed, documented, and effective method in which all parents and children diagnosed with amyoplasia can achieve gains beyond what was previously thought to be possible. Good luck and God Speed!


The JACE Method™ Results @ 1Year and 9 Months.


The JACE Method™ Results @ 2 Years and 9 Months.


Fear We Both Face – by Jason Coutee


Your Umbrella “For Jace” – by Jason Coutee